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National Government 

The PAME project is in line with the Philippine Strategy on Climate Change Adaptation developed by multi-stakeholders together with the DENR. Likewise, it also follows the Philippine National Plan of Action of the Coral Triangle Initiative. Both plans provided the basis for developing the Philippine Medium Term Development Plan 2011-2016, which calls on the improved administration and expansion of Protected Areas.

Local Government Unit

PAME works in close collaboration with the local government and communities in developing their PA management plans. Specifically, it involves LGUs in PA planning processes, support the designation of new PAs including the development of its legal and financial frameworks. PAME supports training of local PA managers and staff in innovative management methods and specific, case-related support regarding the amendments of existing PA frameworks.




Civil Society Organization

PAME partner with people at all levels, including non-goernmental organizations, consulting firms, scientific institutions, training centres, academe and civil society organizations to help in planning and implementation of measures for biodiversity protection and terrestrial and marine protected area management. On the ground, civili society partners and scietists supports in undertaking processes of successively-refininig available biological information to identify conservation priority areas.